FutureCULT: CB I Hate Perfume – At the Beach 1966

Growing up as a kid in Queens, the big deal in  summer was spending the afternoon at Jones Beach.  Trudging all our stuff – blankets, towels, boom box, and  cooler full of watermelon, Cokes &  turkey sandwiches –  in the sweltering sun to find the perfect spot was a feat; but it was worth every minute.  While for me, this was in the 1980’s and not 1966 – if I am in the right mood, I  can still smell the waft of Coppertone in the air and feel the sand between my toes.

Nowadays, living in the Pacific Northwest, the summer sun is not as warm and the Pacific Ocean has a much different smell and personality than the Atlantic.   When I’m especially wistful of those days or just plain sick of the rain, I like to put on a fragrance that takes me back there to brighten my mood.  At the Beach 1966, evokes a long hot summer day at the beach, the main fragrance note is the specific sort of chemical smell of Coppertone  along with undertones of wood, salt water, salty skin, and the faintest hint of watermelon.  If there ever were a fragrance time machine, this would be it.

At $100 a bottle, for some this might be a little on the spendy side of things, however there is a sample size available for $15, which is not a lot to take a pleasurable trip back in time.


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